Friday, October 28, 2011

Adventures in Scone making

My favourite little scone shop closed down recently and I really do miss it.
It was run by a mother and daughter and they made the yummiest, lightest scones I've ever tasted. They also served High tea with a lovely assortment of sweet and savoury dishes that were to die for.
So now that I can no longer get my regular scone fix I have decided to replicate the experience at home. For the last couple of months I have been trawling the internet for scone recipes and the science of scone making. I'm totally obsessed; I get like that when I'm on a mission.
I have tried variations in the ingredients and technique to see how it affects the finished product.
Here's a photo of my most recent attempt. One of many, many attempts.
What I have learned is that the technique is very important when making scones. You can have the best recipe in the Universe but if your technique is sloppy, you will get hard, heavy scones. They may look O.K. but don't leave you with that nice memorable scone experience.